Truck FOUND!

So I thought I had found my truck a few weeks ago, but turns out a few build out details I wanted wouldn't work with that kind of truck.  I had been in contact with a guy from Craigslist who had a cookie truck near Hershey PA, my gut kept telling me this could be the one.  Every time I would look at a truck locally I kept thinking about the cookie truck in PA!  I had been emailing him for nearly a month and had to keep re-scheduling to go see it since Hershey is over 3 hours away from Rockaway!  Finally Bill and I were able to get out there yesterday, and how happy I was to have waited!  It is THE ONE!  It's 18' long, over 8' wide and has barn doors in the back, which was a big detail I wanted and was proving hard to find!  Most back gates are roll ups.  Through each new process of my business I find my self becoming more and more efficient in different areas; LLC applications, sales tax forms, small commercial vehicle tires, glow plugs, insurance deductibles, the list goes on.  Love every step!

May the buildout begin!!