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About Us

The Swellife is a mobile fashion boutique, based along the shores of Far Rockaway, New York City.  They opened their doors Memorial Day, 2016 and had a hugely successful summer.  Catching the  attention from fashion insiders and gaining a loyal fan base and customer support.  Our goal is to bring unique and colorful designs to our community and beyond.  Whether that's a textile from Peru or a beautiful piece of jewelry made from a local New York City artist.  We hope to see you soon and are able to share our color vision of our Swellife world.

Style & Quality

The Swellife is all about color.  Living in a world of black and white, we try to bring a pop of the unexpected.  Most of our products are made in the USA, are from companies with a charitable aspect, or are direct from the makers them selves.  We love meeting new makers and designers and welcome anyone to drop us a line if you feel you have a product that would fit our little shop on wheels.